Seven Coffee Cups

DevStream 成为 CNCF Sandbox 项目啦!- 锣鼓喧天、鞭炮齐鸣、红旗招展、忘词了。

开局两张图,内容全靠“编” 来,有图有真相! DevStream ❤️ CNCF DevStream joins CNCF Sandbox CNCF Cloud Native Interactive Landscape CNCF Cloud native Interactive Landscape 严肃版本,留给严肃的人 我不代表 DevStream 团队官宣“DevStream 成

线上直播(录播) - 一键打通开源 GitOps 工具链





  1. 开源 DevOps 工具链 vs 一站式 DevOps 平台
  2. 开源 GitOps 工具的选型、落地、整合的痛点
  3. DevStream 对于自动化管理 GitOps 工具链的思考与实践
  4. 演示通过一些简单的配置一键创建 GitOps 工具链

Getting Started with minikube

What’s up guys, this is Daniel! Yeah, this English blog is WRITTEN by me, not TRANSLATED by me! It’s my first English blog in my whole life. If you are a Chinese reader, maybe you’ve ever seen my Chinese blogs before. Right, I wrote a lot of blogs, but only in Chinese. Believe it or not, English isn’t my strong suit. But I want to have a try today and I’ll do my best. Let’s get started.